How can I talk to this girl?

I work at a grocery store in my hometown. Occasionally, I see people from school, but I'm older and past puberty so I doubt anyone recognizes me. Anyways I've seen this girl in there shopping. I don't really know her, nor have I spoken to her, but there's just something about her. Oddly enough I have good memory, and so I remember her name from school. I looked up her facebook. She is single, crazy beautiful, and a college grad as of this year.

I've had opportunities to speak with her in person, but I'm working. Honestly I have no idea what to do. I could add her on Facebook and talk, but I don't wanna seem creepy or desperate. What should I do?


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  • You can ask her if she went to your school and that you remember seeing her around the halls if she said she went to your school. That should start a conversation going and then ask for her number or some way to communicate with her so you guys can 'stay in touch'

  • just try to say hi for starters.. plus a vital thing to do is find some stuf common between you two so that ur both stay interested while talking about a thing u both know


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