Going to the movies tonight and this is my first date in over three years. I'm nervous and need a pep talk!!?

I just got out of a very long relationship... and to be honest I still am madly in love with my ex but we will never be together ever again. things happened and we simply cannot be together.

that being said, i need to try to move on. a friend of mine has been interested in me for years, but obviously i respected my boyfriend and my relationship and never spoke to this person once i knew he was interested in me.

well, he asked me to go to the movies tonight. i'm really not ready to start dating again, but all my friends are telling me there's no harm in just going to see a movie. i'm very nervous since this is the first date i've been in with anyone but my ex in over three years.

if i know i'm not ready to jump into anything with anyone.. should i not even go? i don't want to give him the wrong impression or lead him on, but it's just a movie.

i think i'm really just over thinking lol but i truly am nervous.

thanks for any help :) !!!


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  • I think you should just go and have a good time. don't think about the future with this person you're dating because that just ends up putting more pressure on you. just go for the sake of having a fun night out. and make sure to watch Guardians of the Galaxy xD

    • we were going to see ninja turtles! lol but is galaxy better?

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    • ugh that is really what i wanted to see because i heard its amazing and the reviews are better than anything else out right now! if all goes well tonight, maybe we'll have a second movie date :)

    • *fingers crossed* for date #2:D

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  • No matter how nervous you are, don't forget your smile! If you are nice to him he'll be nice to you and after 10 minutes you'll relax.
    Oh and don't find about which movie... just ask question like "oh, why do you like that one". That will get you guys talking which is far more comfortable than standing there like "yeah... oh let's... uuuuuuhhh... choose a movie?".
    You'll see, it will work out. Enjoy :-)

  • You should go, but make it clear that you're not ready for a relationship yet. He'll probably appreciate it if you're honest with him


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  • You should go. It be good to just go out and have fun with a guy but just be honest your not ready for a relationship. To me just feel things out with people their no harm as long as you open and upfront with what you want then it fine. Just relax and be calm see it as your going out with a friend that all be your self no need to sugar coat anything and relax. Just enjoy the night. Im not one to let a guy pay for the 1st few dates since im just feeling it out so if anything pay your half that way if it didn't work out he can't say you used him because you didn't and you were direct with what your feeling. If the right at all doesn't feel right you can always end itnafter the movie. Dont worry to much you'll be fine.

  • Movie dates are great for those who are nervous because all you do is sit quietly and watch a movie lol.
    Don't sweat it.
    You enjoy a nice night out.
    If he wants to pay and that makes you feel weird, say that you'd like to buy the snacks then *sweetly* and try that to make it more comfortable.

    • do I meet him there? do I pick him up? do I ask him to pick me up or expect him to pick me up? I haven't done this in years so I'm really just analyzing everything lol. do I pay for myself, or what if he expects me to pay for myself. should I offer to pay? so many questions!!!

    • Did he invite you? Just ask him straight up...
      "Would you like to meet there?"
      The ticket buying can be a little awkward lol, not going to lie. Just walk up to the ticket window with him. Just because you do that doesn't mean he has to buy your ticket. Have money on you to pay for your own. & if he does buy your ticket, offer buying popcorn to share.

    • he's asked me a few times to hang out and i always said i just wasn't ready. he knows my situation and he's respected it. so i finally agreed. im just not sure how to go about all the intricate little details lol. but thank you for your help! i'll take your advice

  • You can do anything if you put your mind to it... Your probly very beautiful and this guy is privriledge to go with you :)