Not sure what I want, is it better to keep quiet until I know?

So I've recently started hanging out with a group of guys I went to high school with, who were a few years younger. We ran into eachother on the 4th of July and realized we all live within blocks of eachother. One of them is my best friends younger brothers, so at first I was skeptical to keep hanging out with them. But we did. I had always thought one of his friends were super cute, and we even worked together at one point when we were younger. So there has been lots of tension and flirtation after seeing him again. Recently after a night out we ended up hooking up. We have continued to hang out in group situation as we have many many mutual friends. And often we hang out just us. Watching tv, grabbing food or coffee. Etc. He spent the night after a night out and we cuddled but nothing else. We hooked up again 2 nights ago. However he kept talking to another girl there and it seemed awkward between them. He found me later and apologiZed for "acting weird" that night and explained that him and this girl had gone on a few dates and she wanted more and kept holding his hand that night and got upset when she saw us together and cried. He said he doesn't want a relationship with her and that freaked him out. That he would rather hang with me because we are more on the same page. We have talked before (generally not regarding us) about how we aren't ready for a full blown relationship. However now, I am slightly confused. I want more than a booth call but less than a relationship. I think.. Should I tell him or wait until I know what I really want?


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  • Wait until you are really sure what you want so you do not confuse him.

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