Do I suck getting dates in my own race or just not my luck?

I a guy who is mixed with Indian and Latin background and I always have tried to date Indian women since I have same background as them. Thought the attraction would be there, but I did try to make a move on this Indian girl I met in my class last semester. That did not work out. I had joined this website called Fdating where you can meet people all over the world. I saw a Indian girl on that site and I messaged and we chat for couple of weeks. That eventually faded as I felt her level of enthusiasm was low.

Being on Fdating my profile is accessible all over the world. I been getting several views and few messages from women in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. I also met a Russian woman few years ago who was bold since she approached me. Couple of my friends were saying it looks like she probably has a crush on me by examining her behavior when she was around me. Not sure if it was true but I feel that I'm getting more attention from Eastern Europeans than Indians. I think it is a bit funny.


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  • I understand , I pretty much noticed all my Indian girlfriends usually just stick to Indians that look Indian I don't know
    Im Swedish/Ethiopian.. No luck with black guys , I do look Ethiopian but I don't have luck with them , never seems to last on the other hand i do get hit up from Aussies , British, Swedish people


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