Urgent help! Should I tell her or not?

Ok, so I like this girl and she likes me back the thing is I am 3 years older than her and to be honest I never really kissed a girl or done anything more, yeah that means I am a virgin. Despite her age she is experienced.

She told me that she wants to make out with me and that we should meet sometime this week.

I have always been honest in my life but I don't know if I should be honest and tell her this time. Because I really love her but I am scared that I would lose her... :( or should I pretend to be experienced...

I need help!

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  • Pretending isn't going to work out cause she's going to find out. But even if she didn't be honest to the girl, if its meant to be and her feelings for you are the same as yours is for her, you have nothing to worry about. Besides, you being honest up front to her may make things even better for you relationship with her.


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  • look at it like this since you don't know how she is going to teach you cause she already said she wants to makeout wit u

    and when she teach you she is going to teach you the way she likes to be kissed

    since she doesn't teach evrybody she kiss you will eventually be the best kisser she ever had

    but if you lie she doesn't teach you and you will be just as bad a kisser as evryone else your age that haven't kissed a girl b4

  • Be honest about it and she can walk you through it. Some girls find it cute when they teach a guy how to kiss. Not 100 percent a big deal its happened to a lot of us.

  • Just be honest, she's not going to break up with you for it.

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