I've been crushing on my best friends cousin who I've known since we were children for years now she came to my party last night and?

I've known this lady since I was eleven; Nearly half of my life. When We were kids I never considered being attracted to her. but everyone new she really had a thing for me. Now we're all grown up and work together she's also my best friend D's cousin. And good friends with my roommate. I am falling head over heals for about the last two years. We always talk non stop and have a great time always at work and just hanging. Last night we had party me and her drink and talked all night until the sun came up. We layed together in bed but i was way to scared to make any move. She's always telling me about her horrible ex and every time she leaves him she makes she to tell me all about it. any advice at all would be appreciated. She's always asking me to do things she can do like run to her car etc. I can't tell at all if she's flirting with me. She's always very beautiful SL I don't know if she's looking good for me or just always. Does she feel it too? Should I have made a move on her last night or at least kissed her?

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  • Grow some cojones and tell her how you feel! Now! Drop everything... and run to her!


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  • I like the streight approach. doesn't always go down well but it saves awkwardness and waisted time.
    Seize the hypothetical bull by the hypothetical horns my friend, seize them and ride it to a hypothetical relationship of hypothetical contentment.

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