Do I deserve this girl?

There is this girl I met online about more than 2 years ago. We are really best of the buddies now. There is no single day that we haven't talked. When I met her I was a shy guy. I never flirted with her or anyone. I was attracted to her but she had drawn clear friendship boundary so I never thought much. I continued going online and I started flirting with other girls. My flirting venture gone a bit out of hands and I started sexting with some random girls anonymously. I never discussed this with her. I started flirting with her as well but at a friendly level. Now I had stopped that non sense thing from around 5 months and still is in regular contact with her. I told her that had done hot chats with some girls online. But I dint tell her that I went to sex chatrooms and also shared my thing's pic.
Talking about her, she is a clean girl. She had only one bf in the past and that too for a very short duration. She is a virgin. She doesn't smoke or drink regularly just during get togethers with friends. She comes from a great family background. She talks innocently but she is very practical at the same time. She is emotional about our friendship as I tried to stop talking to her telling her I want to focus on my studies more and she went dull after that.
Regarding me I don't drink or smoke at all. I haven't even tried anything. My family background is equally great as her's.
I am thinking about her quite very often these days and can't figire out that do I deserve her now or not. What do you think?


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  • Have some confidence bro. A guy should never ask "Do I deserve this girl"… If you like her, you like her… If she likes you back, then thats awesome. Dont be self-concious if you deserve a girl or not. You're unique in your own way and different in your own way. Its up to the girl if she wants to be apart of your life or not. If she does then thats her choice and you shouldn't worry. We've all did shit in our life, and we dont have to tell everyone about it or hold it as guilt when talking to someone. You dont have to confess all your shit to her if she doesn't ask, unless you feel like you need to or she needs to know. Just be yourself and switch your mentality to seeing if a girl deserves you instead.

    • Thanks bro. I feel low thinking about the shit I made out of my life. I know that I am not that bad as I think but thinking about the times of loosing my controls over my hormones makes it difficult to get over it.

    • Its all good man, nobodys perfect. It's all about learning from past experiences and making yourself a better person in the future. Don't worry about qualifying yourself for other people. Show the real you, and have people like you for who you are. Your friendships and relationships will be stronger that way