I just told a guy we had to go slow - how do I make it not awkward the next time I see him?

He was going fast- and I told him I had to go slower- I've never dated anyone or anything so I'm a newbie!- and he knows that. He apologized and said he's sorry for going fast, but he kinda knew what he was doing. But I believe in second chances so we are gonna try again. But the next time I see him how do I make it not awkward? Please help me !


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  • You can't make him do anything, either he respects you and goes slow or he doesn't. But this is such a simple request that if he can't follow it, you end it. Let him know first that if he can't follow this then you can't see him anymore. Its really that simple, if your serious about going slow.


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  • If he genuinely likes you he will respect your wishes and things will be same as per usual. There shouldn't be any awkwardness.

    If there is awkwardness on his part then walk away due to incompatibility.


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