How does kissing work? First kiss wise?

I've never kissed anyone. What does it feel like? Is it wet sloppy like? And should the first kiss be open or not? And what do you do with your lips? Honestly I have no clue!


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  • The best thing about your first kiss is that you're likely to be terrible at it :D. It's funny because you'll notice yourself get dramatically better and more used to it. You later think "wow, I sucked" lol.

    But to help you out so it isn't horrific, don't: open your mouth wide open, pucker up very tightly, jab your tongue out, or keep your eyes open. The first 3 are essential to remember the 4th is preference and what a majority of people don't like. Kissing your partner and staring at them is generally deemed creepy. Who knows, the other person may actually like it but I wouldn't bet money that they do.

    As far as does: tilt your head as not to bump noses, do something with your hands rather than keeping them to your side (girls generally have their arms around the back of the guy's neck [or masculine lesbian]).

    The actual kiss isn't supposed to be Hollywood style. There is little to no sucking of the lips. When my girlfriend and I kiss I generally take the lead. I'll put her top lip between both my lips, VERY slight almost unnoticeable suction for 2-5 seconds, then I back my face 2 centimeters and either repeat or do the same to her bottom lip, alternating top bottom/ head tilt left right.

    • ALSO, generally there should be minimal spittle unless things get heated and tongue action occurs. And last tip is not to let lips go too far into their mouth. It really should be up until the border of your lip and inner mouth. If your lips are touching teeth you may be too far for a first kiss. Later on you can experiment with lip biting and whatnot.

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  • I was asking the same thing, luckily for me my boyfriend didn't have a clue either. Honestly look up on youtube. Some videos are pretty helpful and don't feel embarrassed to do that because even my boyfriend did lol. First time isn't always the best, it takes practise not gunna lie. But you can get a pretty good idea from YouTube how to go about it.

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