If a girl rejects you, should you show her you moved on or no?

I had a random thought today that ended up turning into a major topic IMO.

Let's say a girl rejects you (verbally says something), and you HONESTLY do not mind being JUST friends. After all, she's fun to talk to and you can talk to other attractive girls

If you would like to have another possible second chance with her (assuming the reason she doesn't wanna date isint extreme and something you did), should you show her you moved on? Or just continue talking to her and see if she changes her mind?

By showing her you moved on, i mean by bringing up "Friend topics" such as "yeah i met this girl the other day and she's awesome" or "Do you think my style is ok for getting girls?"

Probable out comes: she gets jealous and pushes through whatever barrier and decides to date you (good), or she goes along with it and gives you the advice you need as if you're just platonic friends (bad)

By continue talking to her as normal, i mean talking to other girls (duh, i never said to wait on this girl), but still continuing to hang with and casually talk to this girl and SEE IF SHE brings up the idea of you two dating? Basically you show her how awesome you are and dont pressure about dating

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Dont get the wrong idea girls and guys, by "showing i moved on" i DO NOT mean flaunting about wanting to talk to the opposite sex. i mean just casually showing you moved on. not purposly tryna make her jealous


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What Girls Said 1

  • Ah no this moving on thing is very turn off for me. I would immediately think that you are miserable for me.

    Do not ever get into those subjects. Talk about daily stuff. If she really likes you she will give the hint and you can pursue. You do not need to do anything more than that.

    If you are not interested in friendship with her, then cut it off. No need to time consume there.

    • i said in the opening sentence i am interested in friendship, but it doesn't hurt to think about her in a "Dating" way

    • Then continue your friendship with her. You will see where it goes.

What Guys Said 1

  • If you sincerely just want to be friends, then do that. If you really want a relationship then be blunt about it. If she already rejected you then I would suggest the first, or if you aren't really interested in just friendship then don't go through the motions.