Girls, if you're in a long distance relationship + found your SO's frequent texts clingy, should he cut contact till you message or wait how long?

I want her to know I'm there for her because she's going through tough times, but she has this I can handle it approach because she doesn't feel comfortable being vulnerable due to a toxic relationship previously. I wanted her to know she didn't have to go through it alone, but I heard from her friend she found it clingy, which is the last thing I want because I value my own space and hate to feel suffocated.

Update- I think she's sad/depressed and I want to reach out to her. :(
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  • You could always just ask her if she felt that you were being kind of clingy. Maybe she isn't use to someone wanting to be there for her. My last bf was like that. I always let him know that I'm there for him if he needed anything. Unfortunately, some people would rather take someone caring about them for granted. But yea... just ask her. It doesn't hurt at all.

    • The trouble is asking if I'm doing something wrong can sound acting I need reassurance and I know it can be a turn off when a guy seems to be double checking everything he does is ok.

    • *can sounds like I need

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