Why no guys want me?

Okay I don't really think I am that ugly, well honestly I think I am good? But there are no boys from school or another school who seems interested in me, I don't know why. Maybe it's my attitude? Many people call me pretty but I don't know why no one wants me?


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  • Being pretty is not enough. You have to know how to flirt with guys.

    The current generation of young men have been told (rightly or wrongly) that if they hit on a girl, she can react in a very negative way if she's not interested. To the point of getting authorities involved.

    Blame the previous generation of feminists for this nonsense.

    The only way to get around this, is that guys flirt with a girl they like, very casually. And they watch for signs that she flirts back, which is her way of letting them know that she would welcome their advances. If you don't flirt, if you ignore their flirts, if you bottle up through shyness or shut down through nerves, or lie about liking them because... you're just that stupid, well then the guy gets the signal that you're not interested. And he moves on.

    Virtually no amount of "No wait, I'm sorry, I'm actually interested" is going to change his mind. So you can't afford to play stupid games if you like the guy.


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  • You may be onto something with the attitude. If you happen to be a bitch, then loosen up and be polite once in a while. If you're not then work on being more approachable. If you are approachable then maybe smile once in a while. There's thiss strange phenomena going around where women don't smile. I don't know. Try something lol

  • Give this a read. It might help.

  • okay young blood first tip act like you don't want a bf all teenage boys want what they can't have


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  • Just put yourself out there.

  • Well, not sure your exact age. But here's tip one. calm down =]
    your under 18, as am I. And I've had a handful take interest. But from what I've seen. Not a lot of guys now a days bust a move first.
    1st, find out who you really are, what you need and want and if you are even ready for guys to take interest.
    2nd, focus on one guy, dont be obsessed. but look for a guy you shows some basics towards you.
    for exc. likes hanging out with you, respects you, you can have a good time with exc.
    3rd, Dont push it, let the guys be, they will come sooner or later.
    after that you can start focusing on flirting and showing your interested exc.
    but for now just take it slow. Who knows, maybe the right guy hasn't come around yet.