Why is he texting a lot less recently?

So I have been talkig to this guy for over two months. At first we would text all day everyday and he always initiated. He was chasing very hard. I've only had three dates because he was gone for the past three weeks. Before he left for three weeks everything was great he would text a lot ad show lots of interest. He's been texting me links to funny pictures since he's been gone but no effort to real convo. Ystd he let me know he was back an then I tried making convo he replied with one word answers. I asked him if he wanted to get together and he said that's what he was thinking. I just find it odd that he's always initiating contact with me but lately he doesn't seem to want to keep conversation over text. I think he's still interested enough because he's making the effort to constantly keep in touch. Why is he not asking me how my week is or making real convo anymore?


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  • Guys hate textn it's a chore for us. He's tried for ages he'd rather just hang out with you face to face. Or maybe he thinks he's put in heaps of effort and wants to see if you will do the same.


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