I had to write a letter to my crush and I need help?

My class is currently playing Angels and Mortals which we need to draw lots to get a person's name and whoever we got we are their angel. They can't know who got their name so I am practically anonymous. I thank my lucky stars that I got my crush's name. But I know that she know i got her name tho. So we are tasked to write to them an encouraging and nice note to them. I just dont know what to write. Our major exams are end of this year about two months away, and I know she's mentally and physically tired. Tired about life, about school work. I can't confess to her, but i need to write some encouragements and say nice things to her. I need some ideas and suggestions as to what to write, and I want to have some sense of humour to it too. She's quite close to me, we are always playing fights, and she just gave me a surprise hug today! Please dont ask me to confess, that's not the point. The point is i need encouragements to say to her and nice things. Thanks!!


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  • I think you are a bit over thinking it and that she does not know.

    Dear ____,
    I know you are tired of school and life but I feel like you should be excited for the end tiredness. Do you see the glass half empty or half full? I see it as half full, full of opportunities of vibrant adventures you can go on once this is over. You are an awesome peep and I hope you know that no matter what, you will remain awesome like a peep you are! :P"


    • Thank you for your answer! But i kind of not understand the glass part haha

    • Haha if I see the glass as half empty, than that means I see life as a negative piece of shit.

      If I see the glass as half full, there is still hope and opportunity.

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  • If you really know her and like her, you should have a good idea of what to write, write what you honestly want to say. Don't write what you think she wants to here