Does he seriously like me? Or playing around with me?

I've been dating this guy who is older than me and he is always busy with his job, and im still in uni, it was all cute sweet dates in the beginning, but along the track he became really slack at messaging back, and only met him 2 a week, so i broke it off saying i needed a person who has more time for me, and 2 weeks later a got a message saying he wanted to get together that he will try harder this time, and he has tried, but it's still the same, i feel we are two complete strangers who are awkward with eachother and I feel like he only wanted to get back together for sex, and i don't know if i should address this to him or give it more time?


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  • Now if you mean "Older" as in in the early 20s- early 30s.
    Chances are he's being a "Career man" . The sort who wants to establish a SOLID financial foundation before venturing out into the merciless turbulent sea of love. The sort who doesn't have to worry about exceeding the limit on his "Student Credit" card when he goes out with a girl he fancy. The sort that can take his lady to the Maldives (before it sinks) instead of the city pool for holiday.

    Or... he's not and he is an animal that wants nothing but sex and food.

    Your call.
    Both exists and I don't have enough information to accuse him or either.


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  • I say break it off. You need someone who has time for you and who makes you happy. Not someone who thinks they can do it.


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