How to break the awkwardness?

How do you break out of the awkward zone? when we watch movies he doesn't hug me or anything and when we sleep he doesn't spoon me at all, and as left in the morning he gave me a pat on the shoulder, why is he so awkward? we are dating and i feel like i still know nothing about this guy, i just want to relaxed and want him ti be comfortable around me... he is older than me too,


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  • Its very simple.
    To guys. Reading a girl's hint is like trying to read the face of a World Class Poker player with facial paralysis.
    To girls. Reading a guy's "hint" is like the checker flag at a F1 Grand Prix.

    We just can't friggin read it.


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  • Go ahead and make a move on him!

    We like it when you make a move on us too! It gives us the confidence to reciprocate.

  • Damn that is too awkward, I don't know how to answer this one, it is pretty tough. All I can say is get him comfortable by making the first move?

    • he asked me to give him another chance, and this is what i get...

    • Make the first move, but if that fails it is your call to make. Maybe he doesn't know what to do?

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  • May I ask how old you are and the guy is? What It sounds like it doesn't sound like dating... more like a friend bond

    • I am 20 and he is 24, and i said we should stop this before as he was always busy and i said i needed a guy who has more time for me but he asked if we could get back together and that he will try harder, but we don't talk very much via texts or other communication and i just feel like i dont even know him and its always awkward when i do see him... we also agreed on being exclusive, so im just confused

    • ( ill try my best to explain cause I'm not good at it) from what I know ages do vary and make a difference in a relationship. 4-5 years apart have different agendas as in doing different things and the fact that you're pretty young and you do mention that he has been busy ( I don't know if it has to do with work) will most likely take out a lot of time in your relationship but he is trying to stable his job and you.

    • and the communication skills are different too. If you hang out with guys at different ages 4-5 years young OR old you'll see what I mean. I just learned this recently myself