If given a chance to meet, would you like to date me?

I am indian, single and you see my pic and age range, be honest and clear in everything, you just dont have to say good stuff just to let me feel good and nice, just pls dont be rude or mean.


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  • Honestly? No. Why? Many reasons. I will be polite with this. You are way older, and not attractive in my eyes. No offense.

    Also, I read your profile. "white caucasian women i love them a lot to be honest and want to marry one."

    Minute I read that I was immediately repulsed. I like a guy who is willing to date all kinds of women and not just a specific type.

    You are slouching in your picture and your hands are in your pockets. This screams to me, "I HAVE NO SELF CONFIDENCE" and makes me want to avoid you.

    That is why I would never date you.


    • Thanks for your honest comments about how you felt about me and my profile, in general i do respect each and every women irrespectibe of their religion or race and they deserve that, i mentioned white woomen because i really want to marry one yes i am low in confidence and i need a booster

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    • because white women attracts me like an magnet, but yes to marry one there has to be real connection of hearts and true feelings of love and affection for one other.

    • I understand preference so I will not comment on that.

      Still, you need to lose weight, fix your hair, shoulders need to be up and NOT slouching. You need to see if you can get a better style for clothing, and that is all I can think of.

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  • Well I'll give you my opinion even though you're a lot older than me lol. Okay, so even if you were my age, I wouldn't be able to date you, not because of my opinion on how you look, it's because you look a bit like this guy who creeped on me on Kik, and he said really innapropriate things to me, and he was a pedophile. Even though I reported him to my parents, that experience still scares me, and because you look sort of like him, I wouldn't be able to just because it would haunt me. But if I hadn't had that experience, and if you were my age, I would consider it. Just try and boost your confidence, and you'll find your other half :)

    • Thanks for your comments and feel sorry and sad for what happend with you, first i would like to assure you i am not the guy who was on kid and second i am not a pedophile as you said, and yes i agree my confidence is very low.

  • No, and not because of how you look or anything. Because you have no confidence and it shows by you even asking this question!

    • Thanks for your comment, yes u got it right my confidence is low

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    • I can tell that about you just from your profile. If a girl won't date you because of your looks, she wasn't good enough for you anyways

    • I totally agree on that

  • This is not a fricken dating website nk sick of these questions

    • I am sorry to put this questipn here, i just wanted to know how you guys see me

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  • Most girls on this site and in Western countries don't like brown or dark skinned Indian guys.