Should I send her a message, or not?

Girl I like, or liked moved away permanently (abroad), about 6 weeks a ago. We haven't spoken since then.

I'm starting to get over her, however I really want to send her a message. Just asking how she is, what she is up to, etc.

But I can't bring myself to send the message, and I don't know why... I'm not sure what I'm afraid off- not replying? Or maybe getting too attached again?
Maybe messaging her will be a weight off my mind?


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  • You can if you like but what do you want to accomplish from it?

    • I'm not sure really. It just feels weird not having any contact, considering we were really close friends.

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  • I you should better send her a message... a girl usually likes if a friend of her especially guys send them a message first and are interested talking to her


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  • if you're just starting to get over her don't send the message.

    • I'm more or less over her, I know there's no hope in hell of anything happening.
      I'm thinking talking to her might help?
      We did say we would stay on contact.

    • anything could happen though that you may not be prepared for or ready for yet. there is the possibility feelings do crop up again but I mean in your situation where you have no chance it might not be so bad but it could be detrimental to your mental health which is why I advise to stay clear.