He told me that he felt sorry and guilty because of his ex?

He was in a long term relationship with his ex for eight months before he left to the US to study abroad. Then they continued to do long distant relationship for six more months. We met right when he first came here because he got to stay at my uncle house and so we live together. I knew that he already got a gf so I set my mind that it wouldn't happen between us. But the more we spend time together, the more we fell in love without knowing it. He decided to break up with her after six months of coming here, and he confessed his feelings to me after few weeks when we were on Colorado trips for five days. I was scared to say yes, but I liked him so much. I agreed to be his girl. He told me he felt guilty for betraying her after we dated for few weeks because his ex kept posting depressed statuses on Facebook. He told me he didn't have anything left for her and that he liked me. He treated me really well. He is really affectionate and caring. He never hides things from me and he would tell me everything. We have been dating for over five months now. Now we don't live together at my uncles anymore because I moved back to my parents house for school, and it's one hour away from where he lives. He came down for my birthday yesterday. We hung put and had a drink together. He told me that his friends from Viet name said that his ex is not over him yet. She is really pitiful now. His friends asked why he's being so cruel to her. My bf said when he looked at her profile picture, it was Jesus with a quote saying that God please help me. He said he felt guilty because she is not through him yet. I accused him that he still has feeling for her. Thats why he doesn't want to put our picture as his profile pic yet. He said he will when he's ready. I felt insecure and mad because he's still like that after five months with me. He told me that he wants to be with me and now I'm the only one that he loves and there's nothing left for her. What should I do please help me.

How can I trust him and let go of my insecurities? :(


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  • He left her for you, right? So he doesn't want her or he'd be with her. Of course they dated for awhile so he'll have feelings and might be guilty but those feelings don't go away over night. Especially because he went straight from being with her to being with you. It takes time but he obviously doesn't want her or he would be with her. Now what I'm wondering is, how long til he goes back home?

    • He won't go back home. He's going to stay here for good. What can I do to get rid of my insecurities? IJust wish that he could keep those feelings for himself and don't tell me -.-

    • Oh ok. And I understand what you're feeling but just keep telling yourself that he's with the one he truly loves, you. Not her.

    • Thank you very much for your advice!

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