Ladies, do you know what's up when a guys asks you to go somewhere with him?

Enlighten me please. I never quite understood it but some girls automatically assume they're being asked out on a date while some are absolutely astonished when they find out, thinking it was a friendly activity.

The questions? Well, probably something along the lines of these (not really questions):

"Let's grab a coffee sometime."
"Let's grab a bite tomorrow."
"Wanna go out with me sometime?"

Which is more frequent or normal? I'd say it's more normal that a girl automatically assumes it's a date. But I wouldn't be surprised otherwise. The world got crazy. Thanks in advance.


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  • If they're already friends then of course she's going to assume it's just a friendly thing...
    If they hardly know each other or don't know each other at all, then it's obviously a date.


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  • "Wanna go out with me sometime" i always think its a date. But something like, lets grab lunch, i am totally for :)

    • Grabbing lunch can also mean a date. I guess it depends on how a guy acts around that girl.

  • Depends... do you get the bill when you ask your friends out ( even if there's no occasion that calls for a "treat")?

    • I'm the type of guy who usually makes it obvious it's a date, not a "friendly" thing. Recently, a girl thought it wasn't a date, with a lot of various indications that it was.

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    • Believe me, she couldn't feel the flirtations only if she was blind or deaf. I assume she acted ignorant because she didn't dig me.

    • Uhmmm... That could be true

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