I need some advice please?

So i've been friends with this one guy a year and a half at some points i feel like a friend but others i feel like his girlfriends. Please help me even though this sounds vain, but i do really like him but i am way too shy to tell him. Although we talk a lot. Is it wrong for me to tell him i like him or should i just wait? Thank you

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  • don't tell him you like him, especially if you're both minors. it could totally change his perspective and possibly his agenda if he had one already. flirt with him and see if he reciprocates. if he likes you then he will reciprocate unless he is a shy ass bitch then try a little harder and be more obvious.

  • Just tell him. Some guys, like myself, are terrible at picking up on hints. If you tell him, then you at least make him know you're interested :P


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