What the fuck is going on?

A friend of mine went up to the guy i liked and supposedly asked him a series of questions. as this guy had previously liked me at one stage, she asked him questions such as.
- do you like her?
- have you liked her?
- do you see yourself and her moving past the friendship zone at all?
After telling her the answers, he told her not to tell me, and she hasn't im not sure i see how its fair, but does any one know what this could mean?

i dont really care about the fact that she asked him, but do you think you might know what his answers to the question might be?


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  • Been in a similar situation. One of my friends bumped into a girl I had a thing for, she recognized him and started asking about me, claimed that we both went on "dates" (his words, not mine), implied to him that she wanted to see me again, and told him not to tell me. The main difference here that I didn't ask him to talk to her, it just sort of happened randomly. Regardless, it motivated me to start pursuing her again.

    Then a couple weeks later I go on a "date" with her again, but according to her she didn't think of it as a "date", and nothing came out of it in the end. From what I can tell, he either stretched the truth, or she caught on and second guessed himself. I'm still on good terms with her, but its unlikely that we'll ever be more than that now.

    Bottom line, when friends get involved in this sort of stuff, nothing good comes from it.


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  • Get a new friend... She is way more loyal to him then you and yet she is your friend
    Find better friends

  • Your friend is nosy and needs to mind her own business and stop interfering with you and that guy. It is possible she likes him also and is competing with you. You should talk to the guy 1 on 1 and be serious and ask him whats going on.

    • i know for a fact that she does like him

    • Then thats for you guys to settle on your own. She is competing with you for that guy. You can either play her game and compete over him, or you can talk to her and ask her to back off

    • okay thanks

  • Lol. That was a pretty pointless exercise. He would still half suspect your friend would tell you, and you'd never have to let him know either (until later when it didn't matter). She should come out with it unless she wants him.

    • yeah, its the second time she's done this its kinda pissing me off

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    • Couldn't hurt. If he half suspects you might know he may be more likely to be straight with you. Personally, I'd just strangle the truth out of your friend =)

    • hahaha, yeah she's really stubborn and i should no because so am i haha

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  • It could mean either honestly. Your friend sounds kinda bishy and like she would be two faced and lie to you about it. He could've said no and she could be hiding that and using that knowledge to get him, and he could also like you but she won't tell you cause she likes him. He could've said something mean that you probably don't want to hear, or he really likes you. Honestly this situation is kinda bad and you should really just go for him on your own without your friends interference. This sounds like there could be a lot of lies involved, try to get the truth out now

  • She asked because she cares about you.

    And all of the other questions are the same depending on what the first one is. If he likes you then every answer will be yes even if it's not all true.

    If he doesn't all the answers were no.

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