How do you know if a girl wants to date you or just be your friend?

Yesterday I was texting this girl I like for over 12 hours! I really like her and I think she likes me, but sshe's got a boyfriend but he's moving to a different school. She and her boyfriend are not like that serious in a relationship I guess they have not seen each other durring the whole summer vacation they could be waiting to see each other to break up. What are signs that she what's to go out with me though texting?


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  • This is just my opinion but if the girl has a boyfriend, regardless of whether she likes me or not I wouldn't get involved with that girl if she isn't single yet. If you are waiting for them to break up then that seems kind of odd as well because I doubt you'd want a girlfriend to do that you. Because if she does that to another guy then she might do that to you as well, if you two got together.

    If she does break up though, then get involved with her at your own risk. But I try not to flirt with girls who have boyfriends even if the relationships seems like it is about to end or is unstable.

    A girl likes you if she's "flirty and responsive" usually just like when a guy "genuinely" likes a girl. If they don't play games then they'll try to ask a lot of questions to get to know who you are. They'll try to be humorous as well when they communicate. If its not just you contacting her and both of you are engaging each other not just one person.