NEW to LA, I need to meet friends if I were to go to a bar by myself (as my family advise) wouldn't THIS PATHETIC? read details and please advise?

being from the east coat moving to LA and have no friends to explore with, had a bf and we broke up, and bcus of this I have no friends to hang out I have a job but every one here is old, im 26... and I have hit depression over this asshole because he was the only guy I knew here!!! how do I get out of this funk , any websites that I can meet nice people to hang out with


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  • What part of la?

    • Pasadena :)

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    • correct! but in my building is nothing but older snotty people, to put it simple nothing butt doctors and people that even work at NASA, my area is somewhat of retired rich people, and I am not retired hahaha im 26 :-/ but def taking your advise putting on big pants and out I am lol :)

    • Get it girl :-)

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  • I live in LA too. There are lots of fun places to hang out and meet people. Although these days, a website is safer and a faster way to meet people. But I think of regardless of the method or where you go, just be careful. You are coming off a break up and your vulnerable. Nothing wrong with going out meeting people and having fun. Even sex for that matter. But everything should be done for the right reasons.

    I believe every ending is actually a new beginning, we just don't see it at the time Good luck

  • Starbucks/Bookstores like Barnes & Noble some pretty hot girls there and some good looking gentlemen for you that is.


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