What does it mean when a guy you like (he said he liked me too) doesn't talk to you for days at a time?

There's this guy at school, and we started flirting and hanging out every single day when we had class together. We text every single day, without fail. And the conversations go on late into the night. He basically even told me that he liked me. I've met a few of his close friends, and one of his friends just came up to me and said hey without even being introduced and she was really excited to meet me even though I've spoken to her before , which tell's me that he's been talking about me to other people. Now summer classes are over and wednesday was our last day, we were together wednesday afternoon, and after we sperated I never heard from him. I even texted him to see how his night went and I never got a message back. Usually after separating a couple of hours later he would send me a text message and that would be the start of another long conversation. We've been out to the movies and he even asked me to go out again? What does this mean? Was this just a summer thing and he was playing me or does he actually like me and is scared? I'm not the type of girl to wait around for a guy, but I do like him, and I think he's a awesome person, I don't want to lose out on him. What should I do?

Ok, so it's now monday and I haven't heard from him since last wednesday , he said he was going to miami and then to the bahamas so I don't blame him for not texting me, I'm over him, and not texting him. It's all up to him now...we'll see!
So...he texted me back, and everything is just how it used to be. But hopefully he'll take the initiative if he wants to do something about this. If not, there are plenty of fish in the sea! ;) Thanks!


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  • Let him go he you spent to much time together and now he thinks you will always be there. Guys our age like a challenging relationship. If you leave he might chase in which case you get him back but waiting around for someone at this point in your life is pointless. I can speak for most men our age in saying we have the attention span of a goldfish.

    • Well he basically told me that he liked me through text message, he was the shy type so I wasn't surprised. So I was just a time pass huh? He was the one that wanted to hang out all the time. he didn't seem to care at all, he even took off work one day so he could stay on campus and chill. It's all good now...i don't care at all. I was just curious as to why, if you don't like a girl, you would send all the right signals to make her think so?

    • There are three reasons guy's do this.

      One the know you like them and think there being nice I would like to think this is rare

      Two they want to get in your pants so they say all the things they think you want to hear

      Three they do like you but loose interest. The last being the one you seem to have gone through.

      It is also possible you were just seeing what you wanted to and he was only looking at you as a friend all along and when he realized how you felt he closed off.

    • Thanks that really helps!

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  • I think he is too shy .Try to speak to him.I did that once you know.


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  • I know what it's like to be going through this! the same thing happened to me this year. Yeah, guys get kind of fickle and worry about seeming "clingy" so they back off for awhile. Do the same and give it some time so he can keep playing "cool". Good Luck ;)

  • Sounds like he went on vacation. Guys don't have much attention span sometimes. I am sure he still likes you. ^_^