Love conundrum with my new love interest?

So I'm 16 and this guy is 17. We have known each other for about six months and about two months ago I figured out he likes me. The problem is that he lives five hours away so we only get to talk on the phone. He is so romantic, passionate, unique, original, sexy, and sweet. He is everything I want in a guy but he lives so far away and money is an issue for him to come visit. Right now I can't get in contact with him at all because he is at his cousin's house and my phone is broken. Has anyone been in this kind of relationship. Ugh I just feel stuck, I just want to be in his arms. I'm 16

Can anyone else please answer?


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  • If you really really love him then distance isn't an obstacle you can maybe catch the nearest plane and fly over to him or by train or car it doesn't matter if you come to him and he likes you then he would very much appreciate it and he will definitely fall for you because he knows all the hard work you put into it


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