Am I a victim of Self-Sabotage, because it never ends in a relationship?

Im 19. I honestly can say that I've never been in a relationship.
I'm a generally complacent person. For example, once I saw opened condoms near the bed of guy I was courting and said nothing in fear of overreacting and seeming "crazy"

However, I tend to hold in my upset and angry feelings in, until I gush with a long aggravating message after its far too late.

I want to think that Im a generally nice and smart person. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA. I am also artistic and will do things such as bring food to a guy's job.

However, the static relationship with any guy that I've talked to (or courted) goes nowhere. I've gotten used to this now, but what are some ways to take courtship to a relationship without seeming clingy, crazy, or too assertive?


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  • Hi Xper, you seem to have a very high intellect, you are definitely not hurting in the looks department, as you truly and sincerely are a very beautiful young lady; I would think that any man that desires a good relationship with you, would feel delighted and exceptionable to be in a relationship with you. I can't see where you are committing sabotage to question a man that is courting you, when you find a condom on his nightstand, and he didn't use it to make love to you, then you have a right to question his having left an open package near his bed!

    I feel that you should not put yourself down, and due to your intelligence level, combined with your beauty, maybe a guy feels he doesn't wish to become involved with you, as he is afraid that he will fall deeply in love with you, although he isn't ready for a relationship that incorporates one that would lead to anything permanent! Some men pick women to have relationships with that are safe for them, as it is for recreation only, and nothing permanent; what I am trying to say is that you appear to me in your writing skills to be a woman that a man would wish to save till he is through sowing his wild oats and ready to look for a woman that he can settle down with and marry!

    So, you have all that a man could wish for, but he may tend to fear you, as he feels a commitment to fall deeply in love with you and just isn't ready and decides to save you for later instead of leading you on! I hope this helps a bit!


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