Am I probably more attached to him because he is my first everything?

I'm seeing a guy for the first time. I've never done anything like this before.

I haven't dated, kissed, had sex of any kind, etc.

We get along great and I can tell we both like each other a lot. We are just very happy when we are together.

Now our relationship is long distance. We were initially seeing each other every day for a couple hours but now we have to go weeks without seeing each other.

We aren't sexual but he is my first kiss and I miss him very much.

He does seem attached to me, but not nearly the amount that I am. I really don't try to be clingy but I'm definitely the person that initiates most of the contact.

I will never text him all day every day or any of that. Just a couple texts once in a while because I like to talk to him.

It's not like he doesn't put in effort at all. Just not as much as me.

I'm just curious if I'm likely more attached because he's my first everything. Would he be likely to be not as attached because he has had so many girlfriends before me?


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  • It doesn't matter that he's your first. Your feelings are still real.


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  • Most likely. However, my first everything, I don't talk to anymore. My first gf, my virginity loss, my first kiss, they all are gone. Partially my fault, partially theirs


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