Drunk fight ruined my relationship?

I got drunk & had a fight with my almost boyfriend.
Now he says we are over & doesn't want to talk to me.
Should I leave him alone & see if he changes his mind after he's not as angry at me?


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  • What did ya say? If it's bad enough he may not change his mind.

    • He invited me to his after I went out but then he told me he was too tired and to call the next day. But I got upset about it.

    • I guess if you really freaked out he may have taken it as a sign of things to come, you could just send an apology text I guess and tell him when he wants to talk to let ya know.

    • We know each other really well & he already knows that I do get emotional but we have moved on from that. I sent a really long message earlier when I was upset, but have left it since.

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  • Yes, give him a few days to cool off!

  • That why alcohol iis prohibited in the bible or Koran

    • So is fun.

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    • Try it, you'll find it out.

    • No thank you.. why should i put my healthy mind into an insane brain for nothing? Haha.. to many death of car accident due to D&D. I not going to be the one.

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  • Ugh, yeah been there sadly... and yeah, all you can really do is give him time. Chances are he'll get over it, but you definitely don't wanna get on his nerves even more now by calling or texting him a bunch (or at all really), right after he said he doesn't wanna talk to you (I've made this mistake b4 too unfortunately...) If he's reasonable at all, and depending on how bad the fight was exactly, he should realize that everyone makes mistakes, especially drunken ones, and it doesn't make you any less awesome of a girl. So yeah, give him some space and hopefully he'll come around. I know from experience that this can be really hard. But if he's really into you he'll get over it. Good luck!

    • I sent him a really long message earlier (no reply) when I was upset just after he told me. I haven't since. I have a short but apologetic message, should I send that in a few days & then leave it to him?