How to find a lasting relationship in a new college?

I recently just started a new college as a sophomore. I'm single and really looking for a long term relationship with a guy that would be totally head over heels for me. I'm a fairly attractive girl with a curvy body and good sense of style. But I'm super shy and quiet towards people I don't know (especially people I'm attracted too physically). I've seen plenty of attractive guys on campus in just my first week but I honestly don't know what to do now. How can I attract a guy? How can I get a guy to notice me? How do I even find the right guy? I've only had one boyfriend before and after 8 months it ended in him cheating on me. In result I'm slow to trust a guy but hopefully that won't be a problem. I just really don't know what to do to actually get talking to guys. Help!


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  • A tip , get yourself a hobby you enjoy , and if it so comes to it , maybe you'll meet a guy in that circle as well.
    Maybe you're into volunteering , and if it comes to it , there maybe a guy you fancy volunteering there as well.

    A bar or whatever will work , but that's kinda like fishing in the middle of the ocean hoping its not a shoe.
    Go to an interest group that you enjoy and you're fishing in an aquarium.


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  • Be yourself and the right guy will come along.

  • Strike up a convo is all there really is to it, in class if it's easier.
    As far as long lasting, most dont seem to last very long these days... Just dont fuck him right away so he has to stick around, might weed out a few douche bags.


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