Dating is it not ok to ask on a scale of 1-10 how big a fan of sex my date is and how high a priority it is for her?

I love sex and I have only dated one girl who just couldn't get enough of it. Others I have dated liked it, but sex was never a top priority for them.

I go out on many dates as I'm trying to find a true partner since my divorce. Is it ok to ask a girl if she is a sex freak? Does she crave it and how high a priority visit for her?

The reason I ask is because I find many quality women that I'm on the fence about, that I know I could be happy with if I knew they were a sex freak. If sex wasn't a top priority for them and they didn't crave it all the time then I wouldn't be interested. The reason I want to ask is because I don't want to have to get to the point of sleeping with them to find out. I'm not a sleep around kind of person. I'd just like my one partner and go at it. ;)

  • You can't ask something like that; you just have to wait and find out.
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  • You can ask but ask in a more subtle way.
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  • Go ahead and ask; it's better to find out sooner than later.
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  • Sexual compatibility is definitely something you need to find out about if both of you are looking for a serious relationship. I'd say that's the first thing that you need to find out (if they're looking for the same kind of relationship you are), otherwise the answer to the sex question makes no difference.

    When you do eventually get to it (sex is definitely not a 1st-date question unless you actually end up having it), don't ask if she's "sex crazy" or anything casual like that. She'll think you're asking her if she's a slut. You need to ask in a logical/professional manner. Explain succinctly that you feel that there could be some long-term potential between you and you want to know what her views on sex are to see if you're compatible in that very important way.


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  • I am actually crazy about sex. But its harder for me as a women to figure out those who just want to get in my pants and those who want to be in a loyal committed relationship. I do not want a guy that just wants me for sex I want the whole package too.

    • I agree. I'm with you on this. It's so frustrating as I've wasted so much time dating women who weren't very sexual and put sex low down on their list of priorities. It seems the only women I've dated who were really crazy about sex, were the ones who didn't want anything committed and long term. They just wanted fun.

  • I actually don't think that's a bad question. I'd probably want to know too. But I probably wouldn't bring it up on the first date.


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