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What if a guy only talks to a girl through text messaging? Usually she is the one that text him first but lately he's been texting her first...when she tries to talk to him, he gives her the shortest answer possible. He never talks to her at school, but just through text. He admitted to her cousin that he liked her. Does he? and why would he only talk through text?


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  • Some guys are not big talkers when it comes to the phone so they will only text you. Maybe he just doesn't know what to say plus there's only so much that can be said in a text. Well, if he makes the effort to text you first lately then it could be a sign that he likes you.

    • He don't even talk to me in person. Its like when I try to talk to him, he gives me the shortest answer. Plus we text each other everyday

    • Honestly, I'm not sure. Guys can act so strange. Hopefully, a guy will give his opinion cause I'm clueless

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  • maybe he just is shy, that's why he never talks to you at school. many of the guys I know just aren't really into the phone calling most of the time. and if he admitted that he likes you, then it most likely is true