How to start a conversation with girls, even when I just met her?

Gurls, how do i start a conversation with a girl whom i've never seen or heard of before?
i just saw her and i want to talk to her, right now.

In such situations what should i do?
should i just say hi or maybe ask " Have we met before? :\ "

Please share me some of your ideas on how i approach girls, or how would you liked to be approached?

Thankyou in advance. :D


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  • Lol just smile, walk up to her and say hi. Introduce yourself and compliment her on something. Say something sweet :)

    • I was gonna reply but I agree with this %100 And I'm too lazy to type it out in my own words.

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  • Just walk up to the girl and say hi, and just be yourself. Girls like it when the guy is just himself and not trying to be anyone their not.

  • It can all start with a smile or a hello :-)


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