50/50 Replies, But I still think she may be interested?

I'm trying to handle a girl who I think is pretty shy. I got her number a few months (about 3ish, I think) ago. Before I got it, we would talk pretty frequently, and she would almost always give me constant eye contact and laugh at all of my jokes. She seemed so interested to talk to me.

Whenever I text her, it is a hit or a miss. Either she texts me back for 2-3 hours (we talk about interesting things, mutual interests, and she asks a ton of questions and seems interested in my life. She is also comfortable answering my questions). On the other hand, sometimes I get no reply. I have noticed that I usually don't get any reply on nights she has work (which I can predict pretty well - but not perfectly). This trend has been going on since the first time I texted her.

I tried to hang out with her twice. The first time was a yes, we had lunch, but I didn't really come off as interested. But, we talked and laughed for 3 hours. The second time I asked her to the movies, but I got a maybe and then a no because she was going on vacation (this was true, she told me all about it when she got back).

Is she interested? I think it may just be her personality to not reply, as she is shy, but it is still alarming to me. What do you guys think, what should I do next?


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  • In my opinion I think she may like you as a friend but not like you in the way that you'd like her to be. Which can really suck. She sounds like she likes to talk to you but she wants to keep her options open. Don't stress it too much. Just take things slow and then when you feel the right moment come out and tell her how you feel like perhaps on one of those dates. and make it a nice date. Or maybe what you are talking about isn't really getting her connected to you as much. so, try bringing up different subjects :)

    • I do think I am connecting to her when I talk - she really seems to enjoy it. Maybe I am being short-sighted, but I can usually tell when someone just wants me to shut up.

      I'm new to dating, I've never had a GF before (mainly by choice, I've had opportunities). She is the first girl I really want to pursue and get involved with. I hope I can turn this one around, she is special. I don't think she has ever had a BF before based on Facebook pics, so maybe she is just nervous? Who knows - I'll just have to wait and see.

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  • It sounds like she's kinda interested, but not committed to you.

    • Any suggestions on where to go next? I'll see her in person on Sat. at an event, where should I go?

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    • Well you'll have to decide if you wanna take the risk. Good luck!

    • I know... And I am so stressed! I wish I would get clearer signs.

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  • I assume she doesn't initiate texts.. Can't really tell on this 'maybe' is a stupid response for a date request, ask her on another one and see what she says. What did she not reply to? I'm confused.

    • I text her cute jokes, ask her questions, tell her interesting things. There is no trend - when she replies, she seems to really enjoy talking (she replies in under 3 minutes, and this goes on). When she does not reply, its like nothing ever happened. She does not have a smart phone, so this might explain things? Who knows?

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    • Of course everyone is afraid to call now! Actually I used to be really scared of the phone but now I don't even care. Let's just hope I get a good reaction from her next time i try.

    • Good luck man!

  • Believe me O. P if you think she is interested, She probably is

    • Let's hope so! Any ways to tell while I talk to her besides the usual eye contact, laughing, etc? Thanks!

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