I think I like my guy friends' friend? Please help!!?

I've known my friend for over 3 years, and I am aware that he has a crush on me (I mean he still has). I made it clear about how I feel a long time ago, and I guess he's cool with that, because we still hang out at least once a week. So one time when we wanted to meet up he brought his friend with him. We talked for a bit and it turned out we both like adventure time and stuff. So I thought that he was kinda cool. Then my friend got jealous? And started saying weird stuff like "she likes you, she'll definitely text you later". And I was a bit confused, because my friend knows me well, and says stuff like that? I'm a pretty introverted person, I mean I only have 2 close friends that I hang out with, including him. And I take my time getting to know a new person, so usually if I start talking to somebody so easily It means he must be a good person. I might have a bit of a crush on that guy or I just want to hang out with him too? But my friend won't bring him anymore. I'd be thankful for any advice, and please keep in mind that I'm a shy person and just texting that guy out of the blue isn't a variant for me. Thanks in advance!


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  • Firstly, do you like him or not like him? I only ask because you said I think I do. I'm a bit of an introvert too and when people said something like that I would sike myself out. I would tell myself, "Well they said it for a reason right?" and then you tell yourself you don't which makes you like the person. I don't know how you feel about that, but that's what happens to me.

    Secondly, your friend is trying to move the competition away. He still likes you and is trying to hold on to the hope as much as possible. There's nothing you can do about him. He's going to get jealous and pout, and he's going to get over it.

    Thirdly, you can text the guy and talk to him more and see how much you do like him. I know you feel shy and don't know what to say. Just text him hi one day or good morning and if he's acting like he doesn't remember you... You can say you were just texting everyone good morning on your phone XD

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