Do you think that he has lost interest in me?

I met this guy about a month and a half ago. We have yet to hang out or go on a date because I went home from college the next day. (I met him near my college). We have been texting around 6-7 days a week and speaking on the phone 3 days a week usually for a couple of hours. He told me that he usually doesn't talk on the phone as often as we do unless he's in a relationship & he initiates contact around 70% of the time. He also said that he would like to take me out on a date as well. We texted all day Monday night until he said goodnight. I called him about an hour after he said goodnight to ask him a question and he didn't answer. He has yet to call or text me in the last 2 days. I know that there is at least another girl involved because he told me he had sex with a girl while we were talking but I calmly stated that we weren't together and that he could do whatever he wanted to do. It's weird to me that he is acting this way especially since I will be back at college in 3 days and would be able to see him whenever. Do you think he lost interest?


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  • If he had sex with another girl and you said you were okay with it... I would think you weren't that into him in the first place. I don't know how guy's minds work but if I were him and I had sex with another girl while talking to you and you were so chill about it, I'd think you don't care and just go with the other chick.

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