Does he like me? Help asap please?

Ok so I just recently moved to my dads this summer. I'm a sophmore who's 15 . Ok so I went to a cookout with my step mom a couple days ago and met this guy.. He would always come over and talk to me he'd ask like my interest, if I played sports etc.. We became friends and he said since I'm new I can sit with him and his friends at lunch.. So 2 days later school started and I sat with him.. H introduced me to everyone And never left me out of anything. He also always looked at me with this intensity that I really liked.. I don't really know how to describe it.. Lol but he asked me today what I liked doing in my free time.. I said shopping , hanging with friends, and going to the movies.. I asked his what he liked doing in his free time and he told me a few.. Then he mentioned that him and one of his guy friends were going to see the giver this Friday at the movies and said I was welcome to come.. I said ok sounds good and he then asked oh do you have a ride.. I said no lol ( I mean i have my parents haha ) but yeah and the subject just sort if changed.. Was that like a date thing or just a friend thing.. He's also a senior and 17 .. Please answer truthfully but kindly :) ok thankss


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  • He see's you as a friend for now don't think right off hand
    the guy likes you, not saying he doesn't but he is age 17
    he is Senior he will be graduating from school soon
    Make sure there is going be another girl going you don't
    want be the only girl going to the movies ask a girl friend
    to go with you cause it doesn't look right one girl and
    bunch of other guys going , not saying anything bad will
    happen but you got be sure than again make sure who
    ever the girl friend you take with you has a level head
    and not all guy crazy


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