Females. How am I suppose to follow up on this date?

In stuck in a awkward situation. I've know this girl for a little over a year and this past summer we have gotten closer. She d never been in a relationship and Despite being 1 hour away due to vacation we kept in contact and we would meet up and see each other a few times. With time I started getting a likings towards her. We have good chemistry between each other.

She is not a shy person but sort of an introvert, doesn't open up much, doesn't go out a lot etc

Last week I told her I wanted to take her out to dinner, she agreed but told me we could when she returned from her family vacation which she is currently on. I kinda pushed the fact I wanted to see her before instead of after but we left it at that (mistake on my part) I contacted her a few days after and we talked and I told her I didn't think I was specific enough and I wanted to take her on a date when she returned, she said yes that was fine. When I asked her when she returned she never answered, but I didn't think much of it since it was quite late and she had work early.

Before she left for vacation I told her to have fun and enjoy it, she replied and told me thank you etc

I have not brought up the date at all as I don't want to seem pushy and scare her off.

I'm still unsure why she never told me when she returned so is it best to just slowly bring up the date when she comes back? She isn't the type to initiate first so I'm left in the blue


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  • She probably didn't think it was a huge deal to tell you when she came back from vacation. Either that or she doesn't agree with the time or the day of the date. Maybe ask her when and where she'd like to go out on a date. If that doesn't help then try giving her time to initiate.


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