So I've partied with this girl and talked to her gf's but haven't talked to her yet?

and I've been standing beside her several times so not sure exactly what the issue is or reasoning. to explain I meet her group of gf's at a local bar. I don't know them well and they are a bit younger than me but we all seemed to get along and I talked a fair bit to a couple of her gf's those nights and she was rate near me on several of those occasions. but I haven't really talked to her yet so not sure why.

I wonder if she just doesn't know what to talk to me about or though I just wanted to have sex with her as she is very good looking? or she though one of her gf's already liked me so doesn't want to be seen as interfering. but either way she could still talk to me that wouldn't hurt


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  • You could talk to her instead of waiting for her to talk to you?

    • I know buts she's like been rate beside me several times now , I'm not exactly sure what problem is , but we haven't really talked before but I hadn't talked to her gf's either and we found stuff to talk about

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