What the h... what's happening here?

I'm married (do not judge me. I just can't get the divorce as my husband threatened me and he is abusive, but we are separated already) but fell for a man almost 2 years ago.
For him was only sex. He knows I love him but never committed to me or the relationship.
After some time we added as friends on facebook.
We also visit frequently an online dating site (he has several accounts including adult friend finder, pof, fling, meetme...). He likes to date several women at a time.

Now, we've been on and off for months at a time. Our last contact was almost 2 months ago.

But: He downloaded messenger for Facebook after I sent him a message.
He visited my online dating profile twice (me none)
And today...

He liked a picture I posted on facebook. It was not me in the pic, just my dog and kids.

What does he want? Is he crazy? My husband is friend on Facebook as well. How dare he liked a pic on my profile and why is he doing this?


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  • Um you are paranoid... who gives a fuck if he liked your Facebook photo, that doesn't at all mean he is crazy. He clearly likes you but just doesn't want to commit. He was probably bored and saw one of your photos and thought it was nice so he liked it... BFD.

    • He does nothing deliberately. Nothing. He is clever and cunning.
      Could it be that he wants yo know if I still jump the hook?

    • Yes that sounds exactly like what he's doing.

  • finalize the divorce, and then move onto other people

    • Gosh please comment on the topic.

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    • Ok. Just stop. There are lawyers and violence involved so please stop. If you have nothing to say about my topic, I appreciate you move on to tge next.

      I added I was married so you guys have the broad picture not to tell me what to do. I want to know why he's acting like this. Just that. Thank you

    • I wasn't trying to be judgmental. I think the fact that u r so defensive is proof u r hurt, wounded, or feel guilt. Advice is not telling people things they want to hear, advice is telling people the truth n for obvious reasons thats very very VERY hard to do.

      any how, I hope things get better for u.

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