The last two years I've been seeing this guy. We started off with weekly dinner dates and both discussed taking it slow and not rushing into anything?

Last year he ended it for two months then he came back and have been hanging out since. This whole time we've seen each other we've always seen each other 1-2 days at a time, As it's always a sleepover. And it's usually once MAYBE twice a month.
We had a discussion at the beginning of the summer where he said he was only interested in seeing me every once in awhile. So since Then I have let him initiate all our plans. While we've had no discussion of it, it still feels like we slowly evolved into friends with benefits this past year.
Since that talk he invited me to a 3 day music festival where we stayed up looking at shooting stars, had a picnic breakfast in the morning, and stayed at a romantic cabin. Also we saw each other the following weekend. Then a few weeks later I went to 2 of his guys nights after he took me to dinner and botanical gardens with no interest in sex. Two weeks later I went to his house for the weekend and he asked me to stay all week instead, then I went home for a night and went back another night at his request.
Fast forward to this weekend and we got a hotel room with a pool and all weekend all he wanted to do at night was dinner then rent movies and cuddle ( he's only started this cuddling interest the past 2 weeks). Even when we went to drive through fast food he said let's eat inside like a real date.
After we left the hotel he asked me to go to the mall with him for a haircut and help pick his suit for a wedding he has in two wks. He told me there that if he had a plus 1 he would want to bring me. Is this something guys do when wanting comfort in a friends with benefits situation or is he playing with the idea of something more now? It's just confusing after the talks we had not to long ago about him not wanting things to change and his actions are : /


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  • u have nothing to worry about with this guy sounds like a gentlemen and a great guy he has took things slow and he seems to like ur company and he seems to be getting attached to u to want to spend a lot of time with you everything seems to be going great with you guys :)


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  • that's not friends with benefits. That's an evolving relationship.

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