Things have gone south with this girl and now she's about to leave for school any thoughs?

so basically I have know her for a couple years now and we live in same town. she had been away at school and i hadn't seen much of her but she returned in may and we've seen a lot of each other this summer but never officially dated. things seemed to go pretty well most nights and there was definity a genuine connection.

but things seemed to go south a few weeks back and I haven't really been able to recover. and now I'm getting worried as she is about to go back to school in September to continue her nursing program in the big city. and I won't likely have any way to see her in person then. I worry she'll meet someone new or get too busy with school for me by then. I don't want to wait till Thanksgiving or Christmas to see her again? any thoughs should I try and see her before she leaves and tell her how much I enjoyed her company this summer and that I'd like to stay in touch somehow?


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  • Long distance won't work, don't even bother trying

    • well yeah I don't really feel it would as I know what she's like and her party side. but I'd still like to keep in touch , I tired Facebook thing last year but that didn't seem to work with her , found only in person thing did if we actually talked in person it went ok

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  • Yeah it's hard.. Summer love is so fun and carefree! When real life hits it is hard to adjust. Make sure that you are both communicating what you want. Sounds like a good friendship is best for you both at the moment.


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