Is this a good gift for a boyfriend? If not give me your ideas?

Im 16 and we've been together for 6 months. I was thinking of bringing him a big personal cupcake with a meaningful birthday card and maybe a playstation game. Its hard because my parents dont want to spend much on him since were still in highschool but should i do something else? He loves soccer and being with friends and brands like, nike, addidas, vans, but I don't know if maybe i should get him a shirt? Help /:


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  • You lied about your age, cupcakes are good


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  • here's a list of things you could do for him
    -sign soccor shirt online ebay
    -soccor trading cards
    -a scrapbook full of pics of you two
    -a footlocker gift card or to a shoe store
    -a duffle bag that he can take to his soccor games and put stuff in there like cds from his favorite bands graphic t shirts
    -make him cookies
    -candy gift basket
    -video game set
    -new game controllers
    -make him a card shape like a shoe
    -cool coffee cups and fill them up with chocolate
    - a cool blanket
    -game posters