My guy and I have been dating for over a year and still have not had sex he says it feels like it's the first time and is nervice Need some info plz?

my guy says it feels like its the first time he is going to have sex and is nervous and feels like it will change our relationship somehow and we have been dating for over a year. And he says he wants it so need some help guys on what you think

just to let everybody know he has had sex before he has a child so it's not a matter of him being a virgin he just feels like it's the first time and is scared or nervous about it like it's going to change our relationship


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  • It will change a lot he may get attached to you more but it just shows how respectful he is of himself and with you not saying if you have sex u loose self respect just saying its sweet how he waited until he found someone who made him happy and i just hope u will be understanding of him being attached to you sounds like you found a great guy and things are going good just before you guys do it do something that makes him feel comfortable and have fun so he's relaxed when you guys do have sex don't make it to intimate but start out fun and ending up romantic

    • I understand all that but he is not a virgin its not his first time around the field if you know what I mean

    • oh i gotcha is he afraid he's gonna loose you and get hurt like the first time he had sex he must of been cheated on or the girl left and he may have already gotten attached to u and feel like having sex would ruin something going good again

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  • Horny should overpower nervous any time.
    Just do all the hug, cuddly, kissy stuff until he gets horny. Put your hand in his pants if that helps.
    If that doesn't work, he's probably got zero sex drive.

  • Sounds like it probably really is his first time. You should take charge and seduce him. Handcuffs work, or maybe use his neckties. Don't force him to do anything he's really certain he doesn't want to do, but tie him up and tease him erotically for hours until he's like a caged animal and can't stop himself. Go crazy on him. Don't stop with a strip tease. Tongue tease his earlobes while you whisper dirty in his ear. Rub your panties in his face. And your breasts. And for that matter rub everything else in his face too. Sit on his chest and masturbate, really get off and be obnoxious about it when you cum. Just be clear to him you are having a really wonderful time, wouldn't it feel nice if he gave in got in?

    Don't give too much away too soon, tell him when you're tying him up that it's for a "psychology experiment" and don't hint it's sexual until he's well and truly trapped.

    If he doesn't beg you to take his cherry after all that then I'm sorry to say he's probably gay.

    • the thing is is that he is not a virgin he does have a child she just says it feels like its the first time and he is scared it's going to change our relationship he is scared to make a move

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