How to get over my ex? Please help?

3 months ago my ex said we would get back together. I went on her fb profile and she's in a relationship.. What can i do? I can't function normally since this happened.


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  • The end of a relationship has been the hardest thing I ever had to go through. I was with a guy for 9 years, we got along great, were best friends but a few misunderstandings lead to the end. My whole word collapsed, I can't even describe the pain, the feeling of loss and loneliness.

    Unfortunately there isn't a magic recipe to feel better, and there isn't one to get her back either. I tried to get my ex back for 2 years and I was only doing worse by looking sad, desperate and whatnot. So it ended up getting him even more far away. When I found out he had a girlfriend, I stopped, I quit. I wouldn't get between him and someone else.

    I finally stopped every form of contact with him, even deleted his number. That's the one thing you don't wanna do but the only one that will help you move on. And when you do, you'll be happier, gain some confidence back and that, my friend, as stupid as it sounds, is what will make you look attractive in her eyes again.

    As soon as I moved on, my boyfriend heard of it, noticed it and soon enough he was messaging me again. It's been a year since I moved on and ever since, he won't stop showing me that he'd still like to be with me, although now I don't want to anymore. It's tough, but you can do it. Get yourself together, you're not ok but you need to pretend to be for her. The tought that you moved on, that you're ok and not thinking about her will bring her right back to you.

    • Thanks for responding. Sorry you had to go through that.. What makes this harder for me is that im not attractive and she knows i can't get anyone else

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    • I can't your anonymous too. Ill post a question with my pic.. My user name is taurus05

    • I'm visible now :)

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