Do I message him or ignore him?

I had a thing with this guy for a while and we weren't going out in a relationship but we were seeing eachother. On my birthday he hurt me really badly because he didn't even say happy birthday and got with another girl on my birthday, then tje next day acted like nothing happened.
I ended things and haven't talked to him since then because i saw a completely different side to him. But two days ago he messaged me and apologised, and today is his birthday.
Even though i can't forgive him and think his apology wasn't good,
I feel horrible about not saying happy birthday to him.
Is it better to ignore him or say happy birthday? I just dont want to seem pathetic but i feel bad about not saying anything and going to his level.


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What Guys Said 1

  • IT's better to ignore him. You only get so many breaths in this life before you die. Why spend a couple of them wishing him happy birthday


What Girls Said 1

  • Ignore him. You don't owe him anything.