Should I try to settle down with someone or play the field?

I'm an 18 year old girl and I'm talking to a few guys. I like them all. How do I know when to choose one? What if I pick the wrong guy? I just wanna make everyone happy. Would it be better to know them better and pick later or risk it by picking one now?

  • play the field and learn more about the guys
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  • go with your gut and choose now
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  • If its ment to happen it will, the more you know about somebody the more you will like or dislike the person


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  • Settling down... at 18?
    That's some 1932 level stuff right here.

    Look , I'm not a woman and me saying I know how you feel would just be wrong.. but 18?
    Settling down is some HUGE responsibility here , don't mean to burst your bubble but almost 50% of married couples in the states end up divorcing , the subsequent divorce rate is even higher.

    Don't become statistics. Choose... carrefully

    • I meant settle down into a relationship. Like I want to have fun but I also want to find love so I'm struggling to find a middle ground. I agree I'm definitely not ready for marriage or anything

    • ohhh relationship?
      That's FINNNE!
      Marriage , now that takes some maturity and that comes with age and experience.

      Go hunting , tiger.

  • What if you "play the field" and the first one is the one you like the most, but he saw you with one of the others,

  • You dont have to settle down NOW. But in your mid 20s you start to lose dating value. just being real here. so bear that in mind. if you want to get the very best man you can, try before you get to that point


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  • I say keep talking to them till you find the right one for you