I am interested to date this Guy again? But is he interested in me when we kiss?

I have date and knew his guy from the dating site, and he is the one that make his move on me in the dating site so he decide too meet me straight after he finish work. We did went for a drink and his eating his dinner but he talk less too me saying about what country i travel before and he told me his planning too travel with his friend next month to Phuket. And i say that's nice.. and he told are free on October? and i just say yes i am? And he was like thinking and told me that he wanted buy a ticket for me to Bali cause it cheap? In my mind i was like what? I just knew you?
After that we went to the cinema and went there to sit there early and wait for the show to start awhile we still talking. When about 20mins we wait the movie starts, and i told him i am so cold, i even took my blue sweater and he told me if i am cold i can hug him. And i just smile at him and say okay? He took my sweater and cover me while the theater is dark he lay down on my shoulder and one of his hand are place too my chest ( you kw where?) And then he gave me french kiss, and all the time i watch the movie every 10 or 15 mins he gave me kiss. So i thought maybe his interested with me? When the movie finish, i hold his hand in public when we cross the road, and i didn't felt his hand was holding me :( We went to the park, and bring me there just to smooching me for while, he seems to be in a rush cause he had no time have work in early morning. So i told him are you still planning to go clubbing on Wednesday? And he told me he will let me know what time. And the next day I text him first in the morning. And he say Good Morning. After while he didn't text me so i knew he could be busy on his work his working as IT Engineering. I text him mostly, but his text reply always short and simple like he reply me okay, No and very busy. He told me when his free he will let me know? for the next meet up. I am interested and want to get know him more. Does he interested in me?


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  • Oh he's definitely interested! 8-)


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