How do I know if he only wants me? How do I know if I am the "one" for him?

This guy keeps trying with me and I keep letting him down cause I don't know how to take him. Can't tell if he just wants to have sex or wants a relationship, but he goes out with these other women and he seems to not hold relationships and goes through women like water.

his friends said he talks about me, and they are always saying he likes me, I feel a connection with him definitely. He seems to be very protective of me, so how do I know if I am the one? Do guys that just want sex off of a girl talk about her? I'm wondering if the reason why he can't hold women and goes through relationships is because he really wants me? Maybe someone can give their opinion on this! Thanks!


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  • From my experience, there are men out there, that can make you feel a lot like you are the one, until the next ONE, moves along. So as long, as you still need to be chased, you are still the one.
    Obviously not all men are like that, but I just want to make the point, that being nice not automatically concludes he is really serious, and esp. seeing how he treats other women makes it highly unlikely that he would treat you differently.


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  • I think the first paragraph pretty much gives you an idea of how likely it is you are the "one".

    Anyway, if he's playing you, that's how he WANTS you to feel. He wants you to think he is the "one" for you, then, once he's bored, he moves on..
    Sorry ;c


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