How often would a guy want their girl to get all dressed up?

By dressing up i don't only mean wearing something fancy but also face wise. I kinda stopped dressing up when going out with my boyfriend but i want to dress up again but i don't know how often?

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  • I can't answer this question from the selection given because honestly when i am with a woman i know that i am not her owner. If she wants to dress up then dress up if not then don't. If she dose not decide to dress up she would still be just as beautiful to me as if she was dressed up. I understand the need to dress up for going out i like dressing up a bit more as well when i go out; that being said if i am dressed up and she dose not feel the need to do so then i won't effect my opinion of her regardless. I chose the woman i'm with because i am with a friend that i have developed further feelings for her both mentally and physically and has built to the point that if she feels the same and we get along well with each other we begin a relationship. That relationship is not determined by how she dresses in different occasions, but instead it is determined on how well we communicate and grow. So i say more directly to answer the question she can dress up or chose not to it is fully her choice.


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  • I would like her to dress up if she wanted a fancy date night. Otherwise I could care less, as long as she's comfortable and happy.

    • Yeah that is what i was thinking, maybe when going to diner dates i guess?

    • Ya, I guess it would be nice my if lady dressed up a bit for diner dates. Depends where though.

  • As often as you please. Couple times a week will be more than enough to keep him happy.

    • Yeah but having too much make up can be a turn off

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    • Going out to a movie, but it would be before it gets dark...

    • Don't overdo it, but you can still dress nice in a casual manner.

  • As often as she can. Hey, girls love it when guys pay attention to their appearance all the time so it's fair.

  • As often as she wants. I really don't mind whether my girlfriend dresses up all the time, not at all or somewhere in between. It's her choice

    • I know it doesn't really matter, he doesn't really care about it either. But if we ever go out and there is some other girl who is all dressed up and wouldn't want that her to stand out for him. I am not saying he has wondering eye but you really can't control what u see.

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